Nusahost Cyber Security Cloud Backup

Nusahost Cyber Backup

File, Image, and Application Backup
Network Shares Backup

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Nusahost Advance Backup

One Click Recovery
MS SQL Server and MS Exchange Clusters Backup
Oracle DB Backup
SAP Hana Backup
Data Protection Map
Continuous Data Protection
MySQL/MariaDB Backup
Off-Host Data Processing

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Nusahost Disaster Recovery Cloud

- Production and test failover
- Cloud-only and site-to-site VPN
- Multiple templates
- Cyber Protected Disaster Recovery
- Runbooks

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Flexible Retention Policies

Set up a backup retention policy and apply it to a specific device or number of machines. You can store backups indefinitely, limit the number of backups per machine, or specify how long to keep backup files.

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Multiple Backup Types

Backup disks/volumes (with all information required for the operating system to boot), individual files or folders, system state (for Microsoft Windows systems), or ESXi configuration.

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Customizable Backup Scheduling

Perform backups according to desired schedule and frequency – monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or even every 10 minutes. You can also limit the number of simultaneously running backups.

Full-Image and File-Level Backups

Backup individual files or safeguard an entire business with few clicks

  File-level backup: Use this option to protect spesific data, reduce the backup size and save storage space

  Full-image backup: Backup the entire system as a single file easily, ensuring bare metal restores

  Flip-of-a-switch recovery: Restore all information to new hardware easily in the event of data disaster

Cloud Backup

Multiple cloud backup such as Microsoft 365, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, etc

Protection for Google Cloud platform such as Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendar and Contacts

Flexible restore options - from single items to a user's entire Drive or Gmail data

Search Google Workspace backups - with metadata and full-text (email body copy) capabilities

Verify the authenticity of files in Drive backups with blockchain

Provide Protection For 20+ Platforms From A Single Console

Immutable Backups

Strengthen compliance and prevent data loss by delaying backup deletion

Ensure no backup is lost and data is easily recovered after a malware attack or in case of accidental or malicious deletion of backups.

Use cases:

  External malicious activity: (e.g. data is corrupted or compromised)

  Accidental data deletion

  Insider malicious activity: (e.g. modification of backup-job retention and deletion of restore points)

*Ensure data is always recoverable and safe from any failure scenarios

Nusahost Cyber Security Cloud With Advance Backup

Nusahost Cyber Security Cloud With Advance Backup

Protect your client's data confidently with best-in-breed backup enhanced with cyber protection

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Increase Automation and Productivity

Scheduled backup reports, paired with cloud backup enhancements – like continuous data protection – helps you save time while saving your clients from data loss

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Deliver The Most Secure Backup

Nusahost Cyber Security delivers a unique approach by combining cloud backup with cyber protection features, such as antimalware and antivirus – helping you keep client’s data secure

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Protect More Workloads On More Platforms

From a single console. protect more than 20 workload types, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Server, Oracle DBMS Real Application clusters, and SAP HANA

Nusahost Cyber Security with Advance Disaster Recovery

With our Disaster Recovery protection you can recover immediately in the event of disaster

Disaster Recovery To Nusahost Cloud

You can be sure your data is safe in our datacenter

Stand By Compute Resources

With stand by compute resource you can recover your infrastructure in hours, not days or weeks

Public Static IP

Your backup server has a public static IP address assigned so it can be accessed from anywhere

Backup vs. Disaster Recovery