Backup Alone Is Not Enough

One Protection Plan

Better protection with less effort, automated


  Anti Virus

Anti-Malware Protection

Disaster Recovery

URL Filtering

Vulnerability Assessments

Patch Management

Data Discovery (Via Data Protection Map)

Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials Management

Nusahost Cyber Security Cloud With Advance Backup

Protect your client's data confidently with best-in-breed backup enhanced with cyber protection

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Full-Stack Antimalware

Nusahost Cyber Security Active Protection, enhanced with exploit prevention, URL filtering, antimalware detection for backed-up data, and improved detection rate to catch more threats faster.

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Security Automation

Smart protection plans, auto-allowlist custom apps, automatic malware scans and AV definitions updates as part of recovery process to deliver services more effortlessly.

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Efficient Forensics

Collect digital evidence and safe it in a secure central repository to enable thorough post-incident investigations and proper remediation, while keeping costs down.

Key Features

Enhanced Signature-Based Detection

Increase detection rates and speed with top in the industry signature engines, ensuring seamless detection of all known threats with seconds

URL Filtering

Minimize security risks and increase productivity by preventing malware and phishing attacks by blocking suspicious and malicious URLs and websites

Exploit Prevention

Prevent advanced attacks techniques, including zero-day, with behavior-based detection heuristics focused on vulnerabilities exploitation

Forensic Backup

Ease the process and reduce the cost of security investigations by collecting digital evidence

Global Threat Monitoring and Smart Alerts

Receives real-time alerts on malware, vulnerabilities, natural disaster, and other global events that may affect data and system protection, to enable preventive measures to take place

Anti-Malware Protection For Backups

Prevent restoring infected files from backups with built in malware scanning, including encrypted backups

Safe Recovery

Prevent dangerous infections from reoccurring, continuously scans the backup for malware, and updates the antivirus database during the recovery process, ensuring only recover malware-free data

Remote Device Wipe

Remotely wiping compromised or missing Windows devices

Global and Local Allowlists

You can create an automatic allowlist of your most used applications, including rare custom apps, manual allowlisting is also supported

Microsoft Defender Management

Eliminate complexity while ensuring Windows native anti-malware is properly configured. You can control Microsoft Defender management antivirus, applying these settings across multiple machines

Active Protection

Nusahost Cyber Security Active Protection is an advanced ransomware protection technology. Completely compatible with the most common anti-malware solutions, our technology actively protects all of the data on your systems, including documents, media files, programs, and more-even your Nusahost Cyber Backup files.

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Pattern Detection

Nusahost Cyber Security Active Protection constantly observes patterns in how data files are being changed on a system. One set of behaviors may be typical and expected. Another set of behaviors may signal a suspect process taking hostile action against files. The Nusahost Cyber Security approach looks at these actions and compares them against malicious behavior patterns. This approach can be exceptionally powerful in identifying ransomware attacks, even from ransomware variants that are as-yet unreported

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Allowlist and Denylist

Nusahost Cyber Security Active Protection is capable of detecting new threats based on already identified patterns as well as learned ones. Results must be adjusted to reduce false positive detection of things that really aren’t ransomware. Nusahost Cyber Security Active Protection maintains an allowlist-programs that are allowed and expected to perform certain actions-to prevent authorized activities from being falsely tagged as unauthorized

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Self-Defense of Backup Files

One way that criminals could choose to compromise files would be to attack the backup software itself to corrupt the backup files it creates. To protect against this, Nusahost Cyber Security has implemented a robust self-defense mechanism that won’t let criminals disrupt the work of the Nusahost Cyber Security application or backup file content. Additionally, Nusahost Cyber Security Active Protection monitors the Master Boot Record of Windows-based computers. It won’t let any illegitimate changes to be made to prevent you from being able to properly boot your computer

AI-Based Protection Against Zero-Day Malware

Anti-malware protection for Windows, Linux and macOS

  Ransomware Detection and Data Recovery

  Crypto Mining Process Detection

  Real-Time Protection and On-Demand Scanning

  Self Protection 

  Network Folder Protection 

  Server-Side Protection

  Files Quarantine

  Exclusions Management

End Point Protection Data Loss Prevention

Nusahost Cyber Security Cloud with Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Protect sensitive data from getting in the hands of unauthorized parties and stay compliant

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Context-and Content-Aware Controls

Prevent data leakage from workloads via peripheral devices and network communications by analyzing the content and context of data transfers and enforcing policy-based preventive controls

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Automatic, Client-Specific Initial DLP Policy Creation

Stop drilling down into client business details and defining policies manually. Business-specific baseline DLP policies are created automatically by monitoring sensitive, outgoing data flows

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Adaptive DLP Policy Enforcement Option

Automatically expand the initially enforced DLP policy with additional rules to allow and protect new, previously unused business data flows

Advanced DLP

Prevent leakage of sensitive data and help enforce compliance with the ease you need

  Content-aware DLP for peripheral devices and network channels (70+ controlled channels)

  Behavior-based policy creation and extension to continuously maintain business-specific policies

  Better reactiveness to DLP events, auditing and investigating with policy-based alerting and logging in a central audit log

End Point Protection Advanced Device Management

Nusahost Cyber Security Cloud With Advanced Management

Improve clients protection by keeping systems up to date while automating routine work, and decreasing management burdens and TCO

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Out-of-The-Box Scripting

Automate routine tasks like provisioning, configuration and maintenance with ready-to-use, Nusahost Cyber Security-verified scripts you can easily customize – or create your own

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Automated Patch Management

Keep client systems up to date and close security gaps with integrated vulnerability assessments and automated patch management for 270+ applications

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Comprehensive Management Tools

Streamline your planning with hardware and software inventory collection, remote desktop assistance and drive health monitoring

Vulnerability Assessments

Discover an issue before it's a problem

  Continuous, daily updates of Nusahost Cyber Security vulnerability and patch management database

  Support for:


  • Workstations – Windows 7 and later
  • Server – Windows Server 2008R2 and later
  • Microsoft Office (2010 and more) and related components
  • .NET Framework and server applications


Adobe, Oracle Java

Browsers and other software

*Mitigates potential threats and prevent attacks

Hardware Inventory Collection

  Discover all hardware assets on all protected endpoints of the organization (e.g. CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM, network adapters, etc.)


  Get up-to-date information about hardware assets:

  • Regular scans can be scheduled to run automatically
  • On-demand scans can be manually triggered by engineers


  Get detailed hardware information about hardware assets such as model, manufacturer, serial number, etc


  Browse all hardware assets, or search and filter by multiple criteria: processor model, processor cores, disk total size, memory capacity


  Generate hardware inventory reports


*Save time and effort with up-to-date hardware inventory information

Nusahost Cyber Security

- #Cyberfit Score
- Vulnerability Assestment
- Anti-Ransomware
- Antivirus and Anti-Malware protection with local signature-based detection
- URL Filtering
- Forensic backup, scan backups for malware, safe recovery, corporate allowlist
- Smart protection plan
- Exploit prevention

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Rp. 20.000,-

Nusahost Cyber Management

- Device discovery
- Centralized plans management
- Hardware inventory
- Remote desktop (RDP) and assistant
- Patch Management
- Fail safe patching
- HDD Health
- Software inventory
- Cyber scripting
- Machine intelligent based monitoring
- Software deployment

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Rp. 31.250,-

Nusahost Cyber Security DLP

- Device Control
- Content flows control
- Content discovery
- User activity monitoring

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Rp. 52.000,-

Nusahost Cyber Security Plus

Everything in Cyber Security
- Security event collection
- Security incident management
- Security incident response

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Rp. 58.000,-